Vision & Values

As a business we aim to keep our focus simple. The Detmold Group company vision is; “To be recognised by our Customers and the Industry as the leading supplier of specialised packaging products, by providing superior quality, service and value”. Keeping our vision clear and simple helps us to all be heading in the same direction.


Our Business Values shape what we do & how we do it.
Focus: We concentrate on the key priorities which will make the business successful.
People: We demonstrate respect, integrity and loyalty to each other, our business & our community.
Passion/Persistence: We are relentless in driving forward to achieve our objectives and deliver success.
Performance: We take accountability for our own results whilst supporting others to achieve their best.
Leadership: We consistently demonstrate these Values & take responsibility for the impact of our own behaviours & actions.
Sustainability: We believe the foundations for tomorrow are built today and therefore strive to continuously improve.

Company Philosophy

The Detmold Group places a high emphasis on the company philosophy of QSE: Quality, Service, Efficiency. We incorporate Quality in every aspect of our operations extending not only to what happens within our organisation, but also to our many partner companies that supply goods and services throughout the world. Our aim is to give great Service to our customers and make sure their expectations are not only met, but exceeded whenever possible. Efficiency allows us to provide economical products to customers whenever and wherever they are required.